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The Art of Conversation  

Artists for Kids and the Gordon Smith Gallery |  September 2023 - February 2024

The Art of Conversation is the 2023-2024 teaching exhibition at the Gordon Smith Gallery, featuring artwork by over 20 Canadian artists, exploring the role of art as a platform for communication. The Art of Conversation draws conversational threads between the works in the gallery, highlighting art’s potential to facilitate and provoke dialogue. The perspectives and artistic conversations of elementary and high school students will be featured through original writing and art.


Contemporary Canadian artists Clare Yow, Manuel Axel Strain, Parvin Peivandi, Lexy Ho-Tai, and Karin Jones have been invited to show their work alongside artists from the Artists for Kids Teaching Collection, including Graham Gillmore, Angela Grossman, Bill Reid, Kenojuak Ashevak, and Attila Richard Lukacs.

View the full exhibition here.

Photo documentation by Rachel Topham Photography.

Work by Parvin Peivandi (centre) and Clare Yow (right)

Work by Manuel Axel Straini (left) and

Bill Reid (right)

Work by Elizabeth McInstosh, Janet Wang and Jack Shadbolt

Home is a Ghost installation by Lexy Ho-Tai

Mail art project by Clare Yow and students

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